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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


At Guinea Pigs & Friends you can learn all about how to keep your furry friends happy and healthy. You will learn about various eating habits and ideal feed. Creating optimal habitats, Bedding and maintenance. Hygiene and general health. Pampering and love, along with plenty more useful information and tips for ensuring your pet lives a long and happy life. Look to the left side to find the correct animal and section for you.

I have reasearched all of the information on this site, from books and many more reliable places.

Friends guinea pig, and guinea pigs friends are good ways to find this site. I would try friends guinea pig, or guinea pigs friends, would work i guess.

I hope the information on this site, friends guinea pig helped.

My name is Alexander Boyd, and i have created this site for fellow rodent lovers. I have created this site so that i can help all of you care for your pets the best you can, and have them live the longest lives. So i hope you get allot of use full information from this site.